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2022 Life | What is social capital?| Your Digital Buddy

Admit it. We all long for companionship, crave for get-togethers and urge for more likes on Instagram. Nevertheless, not everyone succeeds to do this but, why?

Why do some people make friends easier than you? In this article, we will explore such difference by applying some concepts from the social capital theory. Let’s peel off the intricate layers of friendship.


Information is the cornerstone of an effective relationship. Social interaction should always involves exchange of ideas, as it fosters and enriches the content of our conversation. When you are more willing to share your information with your buddy, both of you are rewarded. If you have a friend always giving you new perspectives in life – however in life hassles, philosophy or lifestyle – you will probably opt to hang out with him/her more frequently.


When a person is influential, be it on social media or certain social circle, he/she might be your advisor at certain expertise. These influencers may have experienced the same obstacles and situations you encounter now so they will be able to share hacks and tips with you. Also, lately, the practice of Giveaway is taking over the social media landscape. This reflects that if one is influential, he/she can give out perks to us.

Social credential

Individuals who have ties with certain figures implies that they have access to exclusive information and resources. It is a certification of an individual’s “social credential”.


Social interaction is to reinforce identity. What is the image and spectre you would like to convey? If you are in a conference, you should have a formal manner – since you are a businessman. If you are wooing a girl, you may give off humorous vibe – since you are a gentleman. The more you do it, the more you will grow into that person. Always. Know your place.

So, be choosy about friends.

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