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2022 Life | How to hug a girl? | Your Digital Buddy

Hugging a girl is fascinating but also frightening. If you are an ordinary guy, you have probably struggled to think whether your hug is right or not, from time to time. You want her to feel loved but not embarrassed or uncomfortable. The following will introduce the kinds of hugs that are the most natural, intimate, and wanted by girls.

1. Hug at the right time

When and how to hug a girl are equally important. The atmosphere of where you two are contributes a lot to your connection. You may consider hugging her in the following three circumstances to show your affection for her.

The first occasion: It’s always nice to give a hug to a newly met friend on the first meeting. Even if you don’t just want to be friends with her, a soft cuddle for her will warm her heart.  

Outpouring of her feelings: Whether she just won a battle at the office or she’s having a bad day, a hug will show her how much you care.

Goodbye time: Starting with a hug and ending with another hug makes a beautiful goodbye for your date. A polite hug always sets the tone for the next sweet date.

2. Find out if she wants a hug

You can always tell by the body language of girls if they’re ready for any intimate body contact. By the way they stand or face you, you’ll know if she wants a hug.

The following signals mean that she is interested:

She makes eye contact with you.

She runs her fingers through her hair.

Her knees and hips are facing forward you.

She talks to you with a lively tone.

The following signals mean that she is not interested:

She does not look into your eyes.

Her body language is negative, like crossing her legs, folding her arms, and turning around.

She talks dully and monotonously.

3. Approach her gently

Remember, don’t hug her suddenly,; it will backfire. Instead, breathe deeply, approach slowly so as to give her time to consider whether to accept your hug. Make eye contact with her, open your arm and cuddle her.

There’s nothing worse than misunderstanding the signal and then being embarrassed when she doesn’t want a hug. Before body contact, giving her time to retreat is key. If not, she’ll feel tense and disgusted.

The plus side of slow motion is that it is more romantic. Therefore, if she really wants a hug from you, this soft touch will melt her heart.

4. Decide how long you should hug

What a hug means depends on how long it is. You may consider the following principles:

The longer you hug, the more intimate it gets. A hug that lasts longer than a few seconds is usually given to people you value the most.

Short hugs are more casual. Hugs for greeting purposes should be within one or two seconds.

5. The Art of letting go

The way you let go depends on the circumstances. Let’s say you really love her. Use the ending hug to make her remember you. You may learn something from these scenarios.

  • For a normal greeting and goodbye hug, you may say “nice to meet you” or “see you again”
  • To acknowledge her success, such as career promotion, marriage, or other important time, you may say “congratulations”
  • For comforting purposes, you should say something related to the scenario, such as “I’m here” or “no worries”
    When you hug like you do with your close friends, you’re showing your friendship. You may randomly say something that results in this hug. For example, “you’re great” or “we’ll make a great badminton team”
  • If you two hug real close, it’s your turn to create the most genuine convo!

6. Let’s check out different hugging postures.

If you are still very nervous, try different postures and find the one that suits your scenario best.

Slow dance. On top, her arms cuddle around your neck; at the bottom, you can put your hands around her slender waist. The lower you put your hand, the deeper the implication. This hugging method reveals an incredibly intimate relationship. Don’t misuse it!

Bear hug. You can cling to her back with her arms below, holding around your waist. This is a very nice posture, which makes her nestle up to you.

Single-arm hug. Candidly, this is the least romantic hug, more like a bromance. Walk from aside, hold her shoulder or neck –  a casual hug.

Cross-hand style. Put one hand on top and another below. Together with her hands, this will result in an X-form. This is a perfect posture since at the same time you two are clasping, you also have the time to retreat and kiss.

Back Hug. Only a very close girl can pull this off. This style is exceedingly intimate, so more intimate events are prone to happen.

7. Small tips

Mind your hygiene. Unless you two have finished sports together. if you have personal odor or terrible breath, this hug will leave her with a bad impression.

Don’t hold her too tight. Don’t treat her like a rubber. You should hug her softly without immobilizing her. Just make her comfortable.

If you’re hugging wrong, make up for it with humor so you get rid of the embarrassing vibe.  

8. Warnings

Do not hold her tight out of the blue.
If it’s just a friend hug, don’t let it go past 3 seconds.

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