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2022 Life | How to fritter away time? | Your Digital Buddy

If you have free time, what will you usually do? Watch a movie? If you are outdoorsy, you will go for a hike. Time is something we can neither touch nor see. Only when you have finished what you had planned does the notion of frittering away time exist. If you want to be really unproductive, you have come to the right place.

  • Make plans.

Jot down every little and big thing you should do. There are an awful lot of situations which you are not ready to face.

  • How to refurnish your bedroom?
  • What’s your next conversation with Joe Biden?
  • How to talk to zombies?
  • What to do when the apocalypse comes?

Ok. I’m serious. If there was an apocalypse, thunder, earthquakes, and typhoons were blowing off, and you lost your shelter and had nothing on hand while stumbling down the street, what would you do?

  • Do some calculations.

Since we were little, we were told counting is good for sleep since numbers are mundane, without a doubt. Having said that, doing some calculations in daily life may give you some interesting ideas to reflect on and even conduct a life audit – quantifying how much time, effort, or even money you have splashed out unconsciously.

  • How many more minutes will be gone until your birthday or Christmas?
  • If you had 1 billion dollars, what proportion would you give to your family and charities?
  • How many strangers do you really talk to in a day?

We’re not fooling around. They are all crucial.

  • Make a list.

It’s not about your everyday supplies from the grocery store; it’s about those existing but unidentified personal references. You’ll have a better sense of what you have and want when you list them out.

  • List all words that can be formed by the letters in your name
  • List your top 10 attractive friends
  • List the most memorable moments in your life
  • List what you need to do
  • Memorize something.

It sounds quite weird, right? During the past decades, not just capitalism developed a hierarchy, but knowledge did too: practical knowledge versus trivial knowledge. Are there some kinds of knowledge we respect more than others? I’ve heard of a saffron who worked in a supermarket and told customers trivia about specific numbers, even though he’d dropped out of school. This trivia, even though not practical, actually makes someone’s day! So, get some interesting facts today!

  • The order of Bible chapters
  • The first 26 digits of Pi
  • The heir of Scotland’s king
  • The most influential judicial cases and their dates
  • Lyrics of a song.
  • Reflect on your lifetime.

Sit for one minute. Relax. Reflect on your past. They are cornered, aren’t they?

Reminiscing the past isn’t something you can do only in your twilight years. You should always do it, as it snags the memorable, joyful and precious moments in your life. When you look back on the things you’ve done, you’ll feel more blessed.

  • Recall the strangers you met on the bus while commuting to work.
  • Visualize your bedroom in your mind. Any unintelligible parts?
  • When was the sweetest moment you spent with your bestie?
  • When was the last time you cried, screamed or laughed?
  • Challenge yourself.

You don’t always have to rely on others. Test yourself to see what you can do. Giving yourself some challenges takes you out of your comfort zone and unlocks your potential. Make a list of things you have never done. You’ll see how brilliant you are, or maybe learn something new.

  • Imitate an animal.
  • Find new uses for things around you, like your desk light. Know your place.
  • Check how long you don’t blink, don’t breathe, don’t talk or don’t speak the word “and then”.
  • Use the computer.

Let’s face it: the Internet just wastes your time. It’s free, right? Well, you’re paying for it with your attention. The time you spend on tapping and swiping on your phone in search for the unwaning information is pricey – a rip-off of your mind. Whenever you pick up the phone, your mind is racing with all the latest and amazing news.

  • Browse through a blog.
  • Play video games.
  • Read the news.
  • Tidy up your computer storage.

Congrats! You’ve got to the end of this whole thing. You’re finally here! You’ve wasted 20 minutes reading this, even without realizing it. This is a new era of technology. How do you feel? Would you do it again if you could? Whatever your answer, it doesn’t matter. That just means you’ve got big stuff on your plate. Maybe homework, a bath, or saving the world! Let’s go! Be a wise time spender.

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